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Solutions That Add Value to Individuals & Businesses
What We Teach :

Challenge traditional modes of thinking by teaching participants how to make informed decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

Providing Exposure

Providing Exposure to options (allowing participants to become cognizant of opportunities): Address responsibility for success on an individual level by teaching and demonstrating to youth ways in which their energy can be utilized in more positive ways as contrasted against their current lifestyle choices.

Creating Connections

Build Bridges of Positive Associations: Information is powerless without the environment and network in which to use it. So that participants in return may become aware of their options, make better choices and become resilient.


Knowledge is powerless without the ability to make it applicable to enhance one's life holistically. The value of and need for setting an action plan in order to achieve success will be taught and demonstrated.


Empower participants to make informed decisions about their skill sets and life/career pathway.

Giving Back

Our theme is the life of one affects many. In a world that is “ME FOCUSED” and attentive to negativity, participants will, through various projects with our partners, give back to the community in which they live.

Our Vision

Inspirational Self Sufficiency Training Center (IS2TC) mission is to assist in implementing strategies  to strengthen, sustain or reduce long term risks.

Adult and Business Services

Adults spend so much time at work that is peculiar that most approaches are not holistic enough to equate individual and family issues with poor business relationships and team productivity.  What happens when individual needs are ignored?  What do businesses do after the optimal systems and operating procedures have been enacted?  Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) have value, but if enrichment activities and workshops at the workplace could employees on the job and at home? This is what IS2TC’s vision is for its business company. What strive for better employees when you can cultivate better family and community members who just

happen to be your employees?  And imagine what kind of loyalty and employment satisfaction will receive in return if the employee recognizes the employer as the catalyst for his or her transformation?  IS2TC is about holistic transformation for everyone, where boundaries of work, social or family setting does not matter, only effective transformation.

Youth and Adolescent Services

For disfranchised youth, IS2TC’s priority is to open up their imagination and to compel them to see their own potential by exposing them to new places and practicing experiential learning. Too often well-intentioned programs and resources blame their failures on the youth, rather than discerning the flaws in their approaches or being blind to the fact that the dreams of many marginalized youth never progressed beyond the confines of their neighborhood experience.  Our holistic model encourages youth to identify and solve their own problems, because hopelessness is a verb, molded from shared and repeated observations of diminishing words and behavior. For any youth willing and hungry for change, IS2TC can put this picture in reverse.

Potential Community Impact

ISTC’s holistic model is achieve its return on investment in human capital by requiring measurable outcomes of success for individuals and teams. Individual success tied to team success means that everyone wins.  It applies to businesses, families and communities of which we all are a part. Our award-winning approaches borrow from evidence-based practices yet reflect our unique holistic philosophy.  As an “entrepreneur of healing” and empowerment, Ms. Smith and her board leaders are poised and ready to change life outcome and transform communities at a place near you.

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