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Over 17 years experience Coaching Youth & Adults in Personal and Professional Enviroments Hire IS2TC

IS2TC was founded and is lead by Shauneille Smith, and independent certified coach, teacher, and speaker with The John Maxwell Team.

Solutions That Add Value to Individuals & Businesses
What We Teach :

Challenge traditional modes of thinking by teaching participants how to make informed decisions that lead to positive outcomes.

Providing Exposure

Providing Exposure to options (allowing participants to become cognizant of opportunities): Address responsibility for success on an individual level by teaching and demonstrating to youth ways in which their energy can be utilized in more positive ways as contrasted against their current lifestyle choices.

Creating Connections

Build Bridges of Positive Associations: Information is powerless without the environment and network in which to use it. So that participants in return may become aware of their options, make better choices and become resilient.


Knowledge is powerless without the ability to make it applicable to enhance one's life holistically. The value of and need for setting an action plan in order to achieve success will be taught and demonstrated.


Empower participants to make informed decisions about their skill sets and life/career pathway.

Giving Back

Our theme is the life of one affects many. In a world that is “ME FOCUSED” and attentive to negativity, participants will, through various projects with our partners, give back to the community in which they live.

Our Vision

Inspirational Self Sufficiency Training Center (IS2TC) mission is to assist in implementing actions taken to prevent or reduce long term risks.

We believe that everyday people can produce positive changes by connecting with individuals of similar passions, identifying problems and issues, and acting in concert to produce solutions.

A unified effort between the community & community businesses will significantly improve & establish strong relationships within community members and community businesses.

IS2TC focuses on individual’s first. In families, an individual that chooses personal growth development becomes a team player which can be an asset to the family.

Personal growth development as an employee makes businesses grow.

Individual + family =community

Individuals’ that have mastered sustainability build sustainable families which equals sustainable communities which establish sustainable businesses within the community.

Life challenges can occur at anytime and anyplace. It is IS2TC goal that community members and its community businesses understand all the necessary components to make the necessary choices required to be effective in implementing & maintaining long-term sustainability.

Inspirational Self Sufficiency Training Centermission is critical to individuals and businesses within our community. The importance of this mission challenges each individual & business to innovate and improve the actions they perform and the manner in which they think every day.

IS2TC provides exposure on a holistic level which includes but is not limited to various sustainable careers & lifestyle opportunities.