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Over 10 years experience Within State, Communities & Government in Training & Implementing Processes & Systems Hire IS2TC

Our History

Many are asking what’s next ? Instead of, what should I do to prepare myself to live an authentic life that is determined by the actions & choices I make today.

In an ever changing world how can you advise or empower others if you haven’t done the due diligence to educate yourself? For what you focus on grows.

Oprah Winfrey stated “ time you state what you want or believe, you’re the first to hear it. It’s a message to both you and others about what you think is possible. Don’t put a ceiling on yourself.”

12 century scholars define hope as “belief in the plausibility of the possible as opposed to the necessity of the probable.”

Are you willing to work, and make the necessary sacrifice to produce your best?

Inspirational Self-Sufficiency Training Center Inc.  holistic model focuses on personal development & Awareness.  We encourage teams to identify issues, draft a transition plan that will lead to a viable solution.

Many employers strive for better employees. Now imagine what kind of loyalty and employee satisfaction employers will receive in return;if the employee recognizes the employer as the catalyst for his or her transformation? 

This principle applies to families, communities and business of which we all are a part. Individual success tied to team success means that everyone wins. 

Now it is up to you to write your story to determine what is possible. 






Our Golden Rules

Inspirational Self-Sufficiency Training Center provides  transferable strategies  that strengthens the families, communities and organizations necessary to improve sustainable longterm outcomes.

Many employers strive for better employees, Now imagine what kind of loyalty and employee satisfaction employers will receive in return, if the employee recognizes the employer as the catalyst for his or her transformation?

This principle applies to families, communities and business of which we all are a part. Individual success tied to team success means that everyone wins.

Our Founder: Shauneille Smith

As a little girl, Shauneille always questioned “why”? Why are certain communities nicer than others?Why are there disparities in educational & opportunities?

Growing up Shauneille was taught me helping your fellow man is always profitable.  She watched her parents share  their food & clothes with less fortunate families. Not that that they were rich or had a lot. But because her  parents cared about people. For it’s not what you have, but it is what you do with what you have. Shauneille’s family became a resource in the community.

She attributes her motivation and commitment to service to her upbringing.

As a result through life experiences, parental  teaching, personal triumphs and failures assisted in developing Shauneille’s personal truths .

She has worked with many organizations various different levels within the community, state and government. Shauneille has seen individuals fall through the cracks with well-intentioned programs. Rather than focus on what isn’t she decided to create Inspirational Self-Sufficiency Training Center Inc. 

As CEO of The Inspirational Self-Sufficiency Training Center,  she train’s individuals and organizations on how to identify issues, draft a transition plan that will to a feasible, viable solution. 

As an accomplished mental health professional with business development acumen, She’s  here to remind you that personal growth and development start with transforming your mind. If you’ve ever tried to overcome a challenge, start a business, or even apply for a promotion, you know exactly what she mean! Our mental roadblocks are often stronger than the ones that we can name.

Shauneille is a Motivational Speaker on Effective Leadership, Sound Human Capital Management, Crisis Management, Mental Health Awareness, Personal Development, and Strategic Organizational Growth.



Words from Clients

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Shauneille Smith. Ms. Smith and I worked together for over two years when she was a board member for Youth Today Community Resource Center.During her time with Youth Today Community Resource Center she served in an active capacity of Treasurer and a participatory advisor for our fundraising efforts. In addition she helped to oversee innovative ways to implement new services as we grew in capacity. She is a remarkable professional, leading initiatives that grow corporate prospects for the companies she serve.I recommend Ms. Smith without reservation.Dr. Eveangel H. Savage
Ms. Shauneille was very resourceful while helping me with a shopping event. It meant so much that she was so considerate about being and assistant to me, since I had a broken arm. Her resourceful manner and dependable attitude helped find the best products and prices, which made for a successful experience.Joyce M.
I highly recommend any individual or organize to experience and benefit from her expertise. I would seek Miss Smith counsel when putting on community events. It is apparent that she strives to transform environments of what is the norm into what is possible. Miss Smith is an innovative thinker, strong initiative, driven to complete projects, and ability to leverage resources while maintaining focus on the organizations mission.Maurice Jordan
I have had the pleasure of knowing Ms. Smith for many years. She has always been a woman of great character who is dedicated and true to her faith and purpose in life. I identify with her burden to help this generation come to know what gifts they have within them and to activate them through leadership training. Equipping this generation to restore hope in their dreams and aspirations and rebuild the waste places of their communities. What she does and has been able to do in the lives of so many is a true testament of the Lord working within her. Marvin N. Arrington, Jr.