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Over 17 years experience Coaching Youth & Adults in Personal and Professional Enviroments Hire IS2TC

Our History

The Inspirational Self-Sufficiency Training Center (IS2TC), was conceived by Shauneille Smith. As Ms. Smith worked in various sectors within private, federal and state with youth and adults, it became apparent that some had dreams beyond the confines of their neighborhoods; but lacked opportunity and/or knowledge to connect with resources that could help them on the road to sustainability and/or remain ahead of shifting life threats. Ms. Smith saw this as an opportunity to help bridge gaps and it became her goal to promote holistic exposure.

IS2TC desires to be a resource for the community providing ideas for how to spark innovative thinking and efforts, in the lives of our youth, adults and businesses.

Individuals are given the tools to design, plan, and execute inclusive recovery solutions to reduce current and future risk.

Innovation in our community can be as basic as thinking differently or changing a process or procedure to work more effectively.

Innovation empowers employees to change the way they think, and tackle challenges which enables them to deliver great customer service; while assisting the company to stay ahead of evolving threats.

Innovation enables the whole community to work towards the unified outcomes that better position to build a stronger and more resilient community.

Our Golden Rules

Inspirational Self-Sufficiency Training Center provides strategies necessary to change life outcomes.

  • Lack of exposure leads to lack of opportunity. Lack of opportunity leads to loss of hope.
  • Loss of hope leads to cycles of dependency, depression and the inability to dream or to believe in the attainability of dreams.
  • Exposing youth and adults to the vast array of non-traditional employment and education opportunities as a whole.

IS2TC is comprised of different Operational and Support Components, which works to equip individuals & businesses to remain ahead of shifting threats.

Our Founder: Shauneille Smith

As a John Maxwell Certified Coach, Strategist, Trainer and Speaker, Shauneille offers workshops, team building , public speaking to aide in providing a focused approach  towards your personal and professional goals .

Working together, Shauneille Smith will stimulate forward movement  by focusing on what matters most which is educating youth at an early age to identify behaviors & situational factors to improve & maintain their desired goals.

Shauneille experience includes but is not limited to community development & outreach, education, operations, disaster recovery, quality control/quality assurance, customer service and administration.

Shauneille has an MBA in Business Administration and a BA in Psychology and Sociology. She also has over 17 years of experience as a capacity builder who connects ideas and resources. As a result, individuals can move forward, and businesses can make informed decisions to implement a more resilient system that will benefit and serve all.

Words from Clients

It is my pleasure to provide a recommendation for Shauneille Smith. Ms. Smith and I worked together for over two years when she was a board member for Youth Today Community Resource Center.During her time with Youth Today Community Resource Center she served in an active capacity of Treasurer and a participatory advisor for our fundraising efforts. In addition she helped to oversee innovative ways to implement new services as we grew in capacity. She is a remarkable professional, leading initiatives that grow corporate prospects for the companies she serve.I recommend Ms. Smith without reservation.Dr. Eveangel H. Savage
Ms. Shauneille was very resourceful while helping me with a shopping event. It meant so much that she was so considerate about being and assistant to me, since I had a broken arm. Her resourceful manner and dependable attitude helped find the best products and prices, which made for a successful experience.Joyce M.
I highly recommend any individual or organize to experience and benefit from her expertise. I would seek Miss Smith counsel when putting on community events. It is apparent that she strives to transform environments of what is the norm into what is possible. Miss Smith is an innovative thinker, strong initiative, driven to complete projects, and ability to leverage resources while maintaining focus on the organizations mission.Maurice Jordan