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08 MAR
Media : NSF 2008 Engineering Senior Design Projects to Aid Persons with Disabilities, Sensory Station By Category:

Introduction: This project was designed for two elementary aged children in a special education classroom. These
children have severe and profound mental and
physical disabilities that include being non-verbal,
non-ambulatory, low-vision, and cognitively
impaired. The children are developing their
cognitive and perceptive abilities through the use of
cause-and-effect toys and sensory stimuli. Their
teacher requested a sensory environment that will
minimize distractions from the classroom and will
aid them in achieving their educational goals. We
built a tent structure and electronics package to
assist developing manipulation skills, keeping the
child‟s head in a raised position, increasing
perceptive abilities, and allowing the child to make a
preference for which toy he would enjoy most.

Summary of Impact: The classroom teacher reports: “The station provides
an opportunity for students to be in an upright and
seated position; while being engaged in activities
free from distractions. The enclosed station assists in
having students sharpened their sense of hearing; as
well as focus on manipulation within the station
rather than focus on other activities within the
classroom setting.”

To read the full article please visit: http://nsf-pad.bme.uconn.edu/2008/Chapter%206,%20Duke%20University.pdf