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IS2TC, recommends the following youth and adults services.

Resource Key: Youth Adult
How To Build A Million Dollar Team

Are you an entrepreneur? Does everyone depend on you to get the job done? Do you feel stretched like a rubber band? We will discuss what you need to know & to create a duplicatable plan of action to address the problems you have encountered in building your team one step at a time. Clink link to register.

Coronavirus Relief Fund Frequently Asked Questions Related to Reporting and Recordkeeping

the U.S. Department of Treasury’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) released a new frequently asked questions (FAQ) document, which provides clarification on reporting and record retention requirements for the Coronavirus Relief Fund (CRF) authorized under the CARES Act.

Agencies Pilot Training for Community-Based Organizations

The course introduces participants to 10 actions they can take to plan and prepare for incidents. These include ice storms, wildfires, pandemics and more. OPEN uses lectures, discussions, and activities. These help CBOs understand and lessen risks, determine important activities, start a communications plan, and protect information.

Back to School in the New Normal

Preparedness for back to school steps about preparing for an emergency

How to Create Positivity & Unity within your Workplace

Positive unity is a powerful tool. It stimulates personal growth and increases company’s productivity.

Are you Struggling with being Productive?

Prerequisites to Planning


How many times have you said “there just isn’t enough time in a day to do what you need to do?”

The Sick, Unreliable & Unrelatable Are Expendable

Kelly indicated one of the reasons she choose to start Endo Meno Matters is because it is a story that she has lived both personally and professionally. It is her desire, that as she shares her story, other women who identify, start to seek the available support that can decrease their own expendability in the workplace. #endomeno #workingwomen #womeninbusiness #womenleaders #menopause

Become the Answer

Take proactive steps .