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There is always hope!!!

Keep pushing!!! Hope is in your decision to continue to seek solutions; until your answer arrives!!!

You are Brilliant

The Story of our brilliance is the ability 4 you 2 see you. The ability to see what makes you you. Brilliance is the ability to see how you can make a difference in your family, business & community.

How to create positivity & unity within your workplace By Shauneille Smith

Show employee appreciation by honoring employees throughout the year that exemplify going above & beyond their job description.

What are you doing to prepare the future leaders of tomorrow?

Emergency managers, teachers, and others who work with children understand that children and youth are an important part of our communities and can be vulnerable during disasters. It’s important to ensure their protection and to include their needs in your planning, response, and recovery efforts.This also includes knowing how you will reestablish your facilities and services if impacted by disaster.

Would you know what to do if an emergency struck your community or your school?

After a disaster, professional responders will be needed everywhere. In the chaotic aftermath of an emergency, who could help until professional responders arrive? Who could be the first person on-scene to step up? The answer: You.

National & Community Opportunity

Ameri Corps NCCC FEMA Corps - Winter 2020     https://my.americorps.gov/mp/listing/viewListing.do?id=86529&fromSearch=true FEMA Corps, part of the AmeriCorps NCCC program, is a full-time, team-based residential service program for people ages 18-24. Must be a U.S. citizen. Members work directly with the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and are assigned to NCCC regional campuses, located in Sacramento, CA; Vicksburg, MS; and Vinton, IA. The mission of AmeriCorps NCCC is to strengthen communities and develop leaders through team-based national and community service. FEMA Corps requires a 12-month commitment of its members who serve on teams of 8-12 people. Teams are assigned to disaster related service projects exclusively with FEMA throughout the region of their campus and if needed, throughout the country. FEMA Corps members will serve in areas ranging from coordinating logistics at FEMA field offices, helping to assess disaster damage, gathering information from survivors to get the support needed to rebuild their homes and lives, supporting disaster recovery centers, and sharing valuable disaster response and mitigation information with the public. Applicants are encouraged to apply early, as selection is continuous and the class may fill before the application deadline. NCCC exceeds the responsibilities of a typical 9 to 5 job. A project sponsor may assign additional work, a member must complete additional Independent Service Project (ISP) hours, and members are required to participate in team activities, meetings and selected team role responsibilities. Due to the high level of responsibility, a member cannot engage in any outside activity (e.g., employment, classes, or personal volunteer opportunities) that either precludes, limits, or detracts from the member serving successfully. You can learn more about FEMA Corps at https://www.nationalservice.gov/programs/americorps/americorps-nccc/fema-corps and https://careers.fema.gov/fema-corps and follow us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/AmeriCorpsNCCC. Member Duties : A member of FEMA Corps will be trained in and perform general and specialized tasks in the field of emergency management and disaster recovery. Members will be dedicated to FEMA deployments in areas of logistics, community relations, individual and public assistance, planning, preparedness, and recovery activities. FEMA Corps is a 12 month commitment and members are required to participate fully. Members must be able to serve effectively with a team of individuals from, and in, communities of diverse cultural, ethnic, economic, geographic, and educational backgrounds. Members must be able to communicate, read, and write effectively in the English language with peers, supervisors, staff and others, perform in stressful environments and adverse weather conditions, serve long hours beyond an eight hour workday, live in a communal setting, be flexible to sudden, frequent changes, be drug free and maintain a drug-free environment, and participate in activities that improve personal skills. Program Benefits : Living Allowance ,  Childcare assistance if eligible ,  Training ,  Stipend ,  Housing ,  Education award upon successful completion of service ,  Health Coverage .  Terms :  Uniforms provided and required .  Service Areas :  Children/Youth ,  Community and Economic Development ,  Hurricane Katrina ,  Neighborhood Revitalization ,  Hunger ,  Community Outreach ,  Environment ,  Housing ,  Health ,  Homelessness ,  Disaster Relief ,  Education .  Skills :  General Skills ,  Leadership ,  Community Organization ,  Team Work ,  Writing/Editing ,  Computers/Technology ,  Conflict Resolution ,  Disaster Services ,  Communications ,  Public Speaking . 

Awareness + Exposure= Opportunities

This link is to notify  females ages 10- 56 of  upcoming NC International pageant.  Exploring opportunities as they arise positions you for possibilities that could happen in your life.....Just because you aren't comfortable or familiar with something does not mean that it is not for you !!! The thing that you avoid may be the very thing that will produce the positive change in your life that you are seeking. IS2TC 's motto is the  life of one affects many.  As  your life changes for the better ; you become the catalyst of positive change in your family, community & associations connected to you. The International Pageant system was developed to promote today's Teens, Misses, and Mrs.' contestants for their accomplishments, commitment to their platforms, school, families and marriages. Our goal and mission is to make a difference in this world!  Beginning 27 years ago, Mrs. International was developed to have high standards and morals. The focus behind Mrs. International® is to showcase women 21 to 56 years old, who have been married at least six months,  and is a resident of the state or a citizen of the country she represents. Each Mrs. contestant competes in Interview Competition, which is valued for 50% of her overall score, Evening Gown, valued at 25% and Fitness Wear at 25% of the overall score.  Each contestant has the opportunity to select a platform of her choice that she spends the year promoting. We believe all women should embrace who they are, can define their  future, and can change the world. https://www.ncinternationalpageant.com/