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Back to School in the New Normal

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A family sitting at a table planning and discussing their family emergency plan.

As students prepare to go back to school, they may find schools operating differently due to COVID-19. Some students may be continuing with online learning while others may be preparing for in-person learning in schools, which may require them to wear face cloth coverings, continue social distancing, and have their temperatures checked.

Despite having to prepare your kids for school in a new learning environment, it is always a good time to help them learn about preparing for an emergency. We encourage you to consider the following actions to prepare your kids for an emergency.

  • Create an emergency plan with the whole family and practice it regularly.
  • Build an emergency kit that includes essential items such as water, non-perishable food items, first aid supplies, prescription medicines, and other items that will ensure safety and comfort.
  • Review your emergency communications plan and keep the information in a safe place like a backpack, wallet, or taped in a notebook.
  • Teach your kids when and how to call important phone numbers, like 9-1-1, for help and how to send text messages in case of an emergency.
  • Know the emergency plan for your child’s school and childcare facility, if open, and practice it with your child.
  • Learn different ways to help children cope during and after an emergency.

Get your kids involved and keep them informed on how to be prepared for emergency and disaster situations. If something goes wrong, children can be prepared to act! If you’re looking for activities, information, or other tools to help you and your family prepare for disasters, check out our Resource Library.

For more information on Children and Youth preparedness, please visit https://www.ready.gov/kids.