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How to create positivity & unity within your workplace By Shauneille Smith


Possible inexpensive ways to celebrate your employees are:

Creating an employee of the month parking space near companies’ entrance.

Post employees name on the wall or monitor that reflects all updates & announcements for all company’s employees to see.

Have the honored employee join the continuous improvement meetings.

This notifies the employee that their opinion matters. This alerts administration of issues and concerns that they may not have been aware of previously. This also provides a diversity of information & affords company to strategize, prevent & plan ahead.

Many times, what looks & sounds good isn’t always realistic. Consider the industry in which your employees work. For example, do they stand for long durations of the day?

Individuals that stand for extended periods of time often complain about back & foot pain. Reflect on giving employees a gift card to receive a massage.

Are your employees’ away from their family for extended periods of time? Good gifts for employee’s that are frequently away from their family are interaction-oriented gifts. For example, movies provide the opportunity for family to enjoy activity together while laughing & relaxing.

Bowling, Dave & Buster’s venues promotes doing activities together. These activities provide the opportunity for person that has been away to have a teachable moment or celebrate & cultivate a skill, talent or gifting.

Communication is the foundation for every successful relationship. Dinner certificates allow the opportunity to communicate, catch up with what they missed & educate areas that needs to be addressed. Being positive paired with unity on a consistent basis creates a positive environment. Happy workers can be a domino effect from work to the home to the community. Positive unity is a powerful tool. It stimulates personal growth and increases company’s productivity.

Today & for the duration of this year, challenge your administration & workers to consider ways to make your organization’s environment a more positive environment.