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Leadership Character Assessment

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People quit people, not companies

If you can create a growth environment, not only will the people on your team or in your organization grow and improve, but people with great potential will knock down your doors to become part of your team! It will transform your team or organization.

Please take your time answering the questions. There are no right or wrong answers!. There is no need to rush!.

  Strongly Agree Unsure Disagree Strongly Disagree
Do you have influence?
Do you have self-discipline?
Do you have a good track record?
Do you have strong people skills?
Do you have the ability to solve problems?
Do you not accept the status quo?
Do you to see the big picture?
Do you hav the ability to handle stress?
Do you display a positive spirit?
Do you understands people?
Are you free of personal problems?
Are you willing to take responsibility?
Are you free from anger?
Are you willing to make changes?
Do you have integrity?
Are you growing closer to God?
Do you have the ability to see what has to be done next?
Do you have the ability and desire to keep learning?
Do you have a manner that draws people?
Do you have a good self-image?
Do you have a willingness to serve others?
Do you have the ability to bounce back when problems arise?
Do you have the ability to develop other leaders?
Do you take initiative?
Do you have self discipline?